Graphic Branding And Physcology Behind it

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The average individual is subject to at least 500 marketing messages per day. Those come as a result of being subject to billboards, TV commercials, pop-up ads, and many other forms of branding. The impact this has in relation to one’s day-to-day activities starts with the “father or psychology” (Wundt) and is continuously expanded upon through the works of Bandura, Pavlov, Skinner, and Asch. At this point, the question becomes “How are one’s overt and covert processes impacted by the constant advertising?”


The roots: Wundt is considering the “father of psychology” because he developed the first psychological perspective, which was structuralism. Without getting too in-depth one can unquestionably say that the central theme of this perspective is the idea that an individual can use their senses in order to alter their internal and external processes. For example, a person sees a smiling face and some fast food. Their natural ability is to psychologically associate the two things together, which would cause them to seek happiness by finding that food. This is the general idea of why marketing and branding are employed in today’s society.

Watch and learn: Bandura formed enough evidence to show the effects of observational learning and latent learning, which both state that a person can see a behavior, store a message they gathered from watching that behavior, and then proceed to execute that behavior at will. That is why someone can watch a commercial, remember the positive result that occurred in the commercial, and then go buy that product in an attempt to achieve the same result they saw in the commercial. Overall a person associates the event that they saw transpire with themselves. If the result was good they will likely express that behavior in the future.

brainPerfecting the craft: Marketers are wizards when it comes to getting the masses to buy their products because they have mastered the techniques of Pavlov, Skinner, and Asch. First, they portray information in the form of peripheral route processing rather than central route processing. That means they market everything through appearance, voice, and other appealing traits, while excluding the concrete facts. They do this because they are aware of that the majority of the population will form a stronger psychological connection with their product when they are appealed to using methods other than facts. It gets even more advanced because they make sure their marketing is centered around positive reinforcement and negative reinforcement. That essentially means that information being marketed is done in a way that psychologically makes a person believe they will prevent a negative stimulus by purchasing the product they see or they will experience a positive stimulus by purchasing the product they see.

The brilliance comes from the classical conditioning and conformity aspect of marketing. A person can see a picture of food, have no physical hunger, and still experience feelings of hunger. This is because they are conditioned to do so through the constant use of marketing they see everywhere. Lastly, the marketers of the world employ aspects of conformity. This simply means they advertise that everyone has the same product or opinion in order to make the viewer feel like an outcast. That feeling then makes them want to change their behavior to fit in. That change in behavior leads to the person purchasing the product.

As we have learned the visual information affects people on the subconscious level. Therefore marketers use graphics in all the forms, from signage, packaging, to digital media and more, to appeal to the audience and softly ‘compel’ them to make a purchase. Moreover, a familiar image or even color, that causes some positive reactions in our brain, draws customers attention with the greater force and marketer’s task in this case is to make their particular product or logo icon in peoples minds. If you want to learn more about brand identity through graphic use and production visit

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Importance of Graphics In Marketing

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Any business to be a successful business, two things are most important. First thins is the quality of the product or the service which is being produced or provided by the business.The second thing is the marketing and advertising of that product or service. If the marketing or advertising of the product is not done properly then even if the product or service provided by the company is of thebest quality, the business won’tbe successful.Therefore, it is very necessary that the marketing strategies of the business are to be decided after serious discussion, deliration and thinking. It is a tried and tested fact that whatever we see, we remember. So whatever information you have to make available to the prospective customer base if it is shown through images and visual media, people tend to remember it better and it has a better impact as far as sales of that product are concerned. Therefore suing graphics in your marketing campaign is very important to make it a successful marketing campaign.

Benefits of Using Graphics for marketing of your business

  • Your business needs a brand which people will associate with you and that brand should be designed in such a manner that it is very attractive and reflects your business. It is the task of a graphic designer to create a logo which is not only practical and functional but also attractive so that people are attracted to your business.
  • When graphics are used in the material used in the marketing campaign of any business, they have maximum impact on the people and it has been proved a lot of times
  • The graphics use in marketing material has an effect of turning complicated information in a simple but effective visual. This way the same information is conveyed in an interesting manner and people remember it better.
  • headiamge2The cleverly designed graphics makes it hard for people to ignore your advertising or marketing campaign because a visual medium has a better effect in captivating the attention of targeted customer base.
  • Adding various interestinghigh-quality graphics to your marketing material increases the quality of that material and your chances of better results are increased due to the best quality advertising and marketing campaign.
  • When graphics are used cleverly and intelligently in a marketing campaign, they compel the customer to buy your product or hire your service as it has a strong impact on their mind.
  • When the graphics are used for creating an interesting and effective logo and that logo is used on everything
    related to your business, it helps in creating a brand identity for your business. This has a duel effect for your business. Creating a brand identity for your business in the market and creating a trust and affiliation towards your business in the minds on your employees as well as people connected with your business such as suppliers etc.
  • Such a use of graphics help you in making your business stand out in the market and it will give you an edge over your

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